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Incentive & Commission

Incentive Referer

50% Obtained if the one we introduce pays their annual fees

i. RM 10 / RP 50,000 / THB 100 for every level ( max 10 Level ).
ii. When members complete their annual fee payment, whether gradually or in full, reaching the specified amount (RM 100 / RP 500,000 / THB 1,000), they automatically qualify for matching incentive equivalent to the annual fee paid by the member they’ve referred

  • L1 : 10% 
  • L2 : 5% 
  • L3 : 5%
  • L4 : 2%
  • L5 : 2%
  • L6 – L10 : 1% (Compressed Level Up)

Affiliate Commision

The company allocates affiliate commissions for each product up to 10 levels, in the respective currency of each country.

To be eligible for this commission, members must purchase a minimum of one product within 30 days after the countdown begins

Agent Commision

Members who become agents will enjoy additional benefits provided by the company.

Qualification as an agent of is contingent upon purchasing products within the system in a single receipt, with terms subject to change based on promotions.

Members are advised to stay updated on the latest promotions from time to time.

Qualified agents, who have paid the full annual fee (RM 100 / RP 500,000 / THB 1,000), will receive OVERRIDING commissions that align with purchases/sales made by their network members, provided they maintain a consistent record of purchasing at least one product every 30 days.

  • L1 : 10%
  • L2 : 5%
  • L3 : 5%
  • L4 : 2%
  • L5 : 2%
  • L6 – L10 : 1% (Compressed Roll Up)


Following free registration, automatic withdrawal is not enabled by default. Members must activate auto withdrawal through the website/apps. Once enabled, automatic withdrawals will be processed daily, with a minimum amount required

  • Malaysia – RM 12 ( auto transfer charge RM2 )
  • Indonesia – RP 36,500 ( auto transfer charge Rp6,500 )
  • Thailand – THB 120 ( auto transfer charge THB20 )

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